Luis Cardel

Creative Director, UX/UI Designer & Multidisciplinary artist
Luis Cardel is celebrated for his transformative work in museum design and immersive experiences. With a Master’s in Media Spaces from BTK/University of Europe for Applied Sciences in Berlin and a Bachelor’s in Photography, Luis integrates art, science, and technology to create cutting-edge, user-centric experiences. His philosophy is deeply rooted in consciousness-raising and the pursuit of a superior future, aiming to engage and educate audiences through innovative and intellectually stimulating creations.

Since early 2023, Luis has been the Creative Director at Cocay Studio in Mexico, where he has spearheaded several major projects. These include immersive hall designs at the Yancuic Museum in Mexico City, museography design at the Whale Museum in Mazatlán (MUNBA), the redesign of the science and technology museum for the Instituto Politécnico Nacional (Tezozomoc), and an ocean-themed visually immersive experience at the Veracruz Aquarium, among many other high-level projects nationwide. Luis has also collaborated with BrightMoments through Cocay Studio.

Luis is the founder and director of Studio LC, a hybrid digital-physical studio specializing in AR/VR, UX design, and immersive experiences. In 2021, he completed the Water Pavilion in Mexico City, collaborating with renowned artists such as Raul Tamez for choreography and dance and working on large-scale projects. Studio LC is known for pioneering research at the intersection of art and new technologies, collaborating with esteemed clients such as Hans Mayer Galerie, Share, Hala Algharwabi, Karma Verde Fresh, Washed Up Project, Giuli Cordara, J/R, and Netflix. His work has been showcased globally in Cannes, Amsterdam, Munich, Paris, Berlin, Mexico City, and Tulum.

In addition to his expertise in immersive experiences, Luis directs films across various genres, including fiction, dance films, and experimental projects. He is also recognized for his high-level storytelling skills. His participation in prestigious film festivals such as the Cannes Film Festival (France), Cinedans (Amsterdam), and numerous other international festivals highlights his extensive skills in both film production and direction.

Currently, Luis is working on ‘Energía: Conexiones Invisibles,’ an immersive energy experience for a science and technology museum in collaboration with Cocay Studio. This project uses videomapping and motion sensors to explore concepts like dark energy and quantum physics, engaging a diverse audience. Alongside this, the ocean-themed visually immersive experience at the Veracruz Aquarium is also in development.

Explore Luis’s groundbreaking work through his portfolio. Your time, feedback, and consideration are greatly appreciated. Thank you.