Pavilion designed and directed by Luis Cardel.

The Pavilion named Somos Agua counts with 3 main experiences.

State is a 360 immersive audiovisual experience. Developed during 8 months and completely constructed for the pavilion counts with an 8K interactive projection that tells the abstract importance of becoming water in our bodies and in the city.

"Coming From", is an original and unique application created specially for the pavilion with data gathered by the SACMEX, which is the institute responsible of all the potable water in Mexico City. People interact with it with an augmented reality app that interacts with the model of the city of Mexico in an scale of 1:10000ms.

Pantalla de Agua
Waterscreen, is a holographic projection of a 2 hour loop that was created specially for the pavilion. The choreography was directed by Raul Tamez, which is a well-known dancer from Mexico City. The animations and several photographies were captured and created by Luis Cardel.